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"Take courage, it is I; do not be afraid."

-Matthew 14:27

Out of Uniform/Christian Spirit/Care Days

  1. Students may choose to wear their regular uniform.
  2. Uniform bottoms must be worn (pants, shorts, skirt or jumper). 
  3. Christian Spirit Days--Students may wear any St. Dominic Spiritwear shirt or St. Dominic athletic shirt (unless directed otherwise by their coaches). Every shirt must have long or short sleeves.  St. Dominic athletic jerseys which do not have sleeves may be worn over a solid white or solid black t-shirt. Students may also wear shirts or t-shirts in the school colors of solid black or solid white (no logos,printing, or pictures on the shirt).
  4. Student Council Care Days—Specific colors will be designated in support.  St. Dominic Spiritwear is appropriate on Student Council Care Days if the student does not have the designated colors for a particular Care Day. 
  5. Shorts may not be shorter than two (2) to three (3) inches from the floor when kneeling.  Shorts and capris may be worn from April 1st through October 31st.  Long pants must be worn all other months.
  6. Only casual shoes or gym shoes can be worn.  All shoes must have closed toes, closed heels and rubber soles. Shoes must have laces that tie or have Velcro straps.  No slip on shoes may be worn.
  7. Students may not color their hair or paint their face. 

If a student has a repeated pattern of Out of Uniform policy violations, the student will lose the privilege of Out of Uniform days.