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A.  Nutritional Education
1.  Saint Dominic School will implement the health objectives relating to diet, nutrition, and exercise as  stated in the 2002 Archdiocesan Graded Course of Study for Science and Health in grades K-6.
2.  Programs relating to proper nutrition, tobacco education, and drug/alcohol education will also be  presented to the seventh and eighth grade students as an extension of their basic curriculum.
3.  Appropriate materials, reminders, and programs will be prepared and presented to parents regarding  proper nutrition, appropriate in-school snacks and lunches, and encouragement for each child to eat a  healthy breakfast each morning.
4.  Nutrition guidelines, food pyramid charts, suggestions for healthy food choices, and other messages  related to health and nutrition will be posted in the school cafeterias and other prominent places  throughout the school building.
5.  Each student’s amount of seated eating time in the cafeteria will be twenty (20) minutes per day to  allow for sufficient time to eat a lunch.
6.  Depending on the grade level lunch time, students may be provided a five minute segment of time to  eat a healthy snack.
7.  At the discretion of each teacher, students may have containers of regular tap water at their desks.

B.  Physical Activity
1.  All students will participate in the school’s physical education program.
2.  Physical education programs will implement the objectives of the 2006 Archdiocesan Graded  Course of Study for Physical Education.
3.  Teachers will be encouraged to integrate physical activities into the class time (stretch breaks,  activities which involve movement).
4.  All students will have access to recess according to the school’s schedule.
5.  Discipline will be administered in ways other than depriving a student of recess or physical  education class.
6.  Families will be encouraged to participate in parish and community sports programs, and to be  physically active outside of school.
7.  Sports camps, team building events, and intramural activities will be provided through an Activity  Bulletin Board to encourage students to engage in an active lifestyle.

C.  Other school-based activities
1.  The St. Dominic School staff will use non-food items or healthy food items for student rewards.
2.  St. Dominic School encourages teachers and parents to provide healthy snacks and to minimize  sugary treats for classroom celebrations.
3.  St. Dominic School organizations are encouraged to consider healthy food and non-food fundraisers.
4.  The St. Dominic School staff will be provided training in nutrition and physical activities designed  to enhance learning and classroom activities.
5.  Hand washing equipment and supplies are available in each restroom; waterless sanitizing soap  dispensers will be mounted in each classroom; and students will wash their hands before coming to the  cafeteria to eat lunch.
6.  Fully operational and clean drinking fountains will be available throughout the school.
7.  Designated areas are provided and monitored within the cafeterias for students with special dietary  needs.

D.  Nutritional guidelines for all foods available in school during the school day.
1.  St. Dominic School will evaluate the nutritional value of the food and beverages sold during the  school day.
2.  The St. Dominic PTO will evaluate the nutritional value of the bi-monthly PTO Hot Lunch program  and make necessary nutritional changes within two years.
3.  There will be appropriate restrictions on students’ access to vending machines and the sale of other  food and beverages.

E.  Guidelines for reimbursable school meals.
1.  St. Dominic School will continue to follow state and federal guidelines for the Special Milk  reimbursement program.
F.  Plan for measuring the implementation of the St. Dominic School Wellness Policy.
1.  St. Dominic School will establish a Wellness Committee consisting of parents, school staff,  students, food service staff, administration, and the public to implement and monitor the St. Dominic  School Wellness Policy.
2.  The St. Dominic School Wellness Committee will meet a minimum of four times per calendar year  to implement and monitor the St. Dominic School Wellness Policy and make periodic reports to the St.  Dominic Education Commission.